Event ID 13508 source NtFrs on newly added DC Windows 2012 R2

I have been moving my environment to Windows 2012 R2 from Windows 2003 network recently. One of server roles I was moving was domain controllers. I had two of them, both running Windows 2003 SP2. After a fresh installation of Windows 2012 and adding 2 new VMs to domain I installed Adtive Directory Domain Services and promoted… Continue reading Event ID 13508 source NtFrs on newly added DC Windows 2012 R2

Nested ESXi 5.5

This time you will learn how to set up virtual ESXi 5.5 (vESXi) inside physical ESXi 5.5 (pESXi). First 4 points are repeated from post about nested hyper-v, so if you have already done it, you can skip to point 5:

Nested Hyper-V Shared-Nothing Migration

Previously I set up nested Hyper-V environment on ESXi 5.5. Now I will show you how to setup Hyper-V itself to prevent it from causing purple screen of death on ESXi when live migrating vms. I assume you have Hyper-V joined to your domain and followed my previous post about installing nested hyper-v.

ESXi 5.5 and 6.0 White Box

Since I spent many hours on finding proper motherboard with rest of needed components to get my lab working with VMWare ESXi I decided to write this post to make people find easy way to build ESXi 5.5 lab.

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