Nested ESXi 5.5

This time you will learn how to set up virtual ESXi 5.5 (vESXi) inside physical ESXi 5.5 (pESXi). First 4 points are repeated from post about nested hyper-v, so if you have already done it, you can skip to point 5:

    1. Set up ssh access to the host. To do this log in to your Esxi host through vSphere client (simpliest way) and go to Configuration tab and then click on “Security Profile”. Click on the “Properties” in “Services” section. In new window locate SSH, click on it and then click “Options” button. Click “Start” and then “start and stop with the host”. Click ok to apply changes and ok again to close window.
    2. Second thing on host configuration side is to allow promiscuous network communication from and to VMs inside Hyper-V. Go to configuration tab of your ESXi host and click on “Networking”. Then go to your vSwitch properties by clicking “Properties..”. In new windows select vSwitch end click “Edit” then go to “Security” tab  and change “Promiscuous mode” to “Accept”. Click Ok, and then Close.
    3. Now you have to ssh to your server. After that browse to /etc/vmware/ catalog and either use vi to put additional parameter (vhv.allow="TRUE") to config file or simply enter:
      echo 'vhv.allow = "TRUE"'>> /etc/vmware/config
    4. You can check with “tail /etc/vmware/config” command if you are succesfull:
    5. Create a new Virtual Machine. Select “Custom” on first screen.
    6. Name and location of VM is up to you.
    7. Guest operating system should be “Other 64bit”
    8. Add at least 2 vCPUs, 4096MB of RAM and one E1000e network card. Let the creator finish its job.
    9. After that edit setting of new VM and change guest operating system to “VMware ESXi 5.x”
    10. Now get back to your SSH window. Enter following command:
      vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvms
    11. Write down your vESXi VMID number (refer to the picture below it is underlined on the left). Enter following command:
      vim-cmd /vmsvc/upgrade your_VMID vmx-09
      In my case it would be:
      vim-cmd /vmsvc/upgrade 15 vmx-09
      Upgrade your vESXi to VMX 09On the picture there is message saying that upgrade was unsuccesfull. This is because my VM is already 9 hardware version.
    12. Now browse to your VM folder (usually: “cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/name_of_VM/”)
    13. Open your machine`s vmx file with vi and add these lines:
      monitor.virtual_mmu = "hardware"
      monitor.virtual_exec = "hardware"
      vhv.enable = "TRUE"
    14. Save the file and quit vi. After that inter this command:
      vim-cmd /vmsvc/reload your_VMID
      In my case:
      vim-cmd /vmsvc/reload 15
    15. Your VM is ready. You should be able to install ESXi on it and have nested 64bit VMs.